Illuminated Magnifiers and Better Moisteners
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Flash-O-Lens, the precision magnifier, with built-in illumination, spotlights and magnifies your work. When clarity and precision count, use Flash-O-Lens illuminated magnifiers.

MoistenerFlash-O-LensFlash-O-Lens Wire

Our magnifiers feature twist on and off lightweight PVC handles with a durable polymer plastic housing. The lenses are available in 5 or 7 powers, with your choice of battery (included) or electric models. Your satisfaction is guaranteed! The choice is clear: Flash-O-Lens Illuminated Magnifiers.

An Indispensable Tool For:
  • Textile Industry
    Visual inspection of small components.
  • Laboratory Uses
    Inspections; study of micro-soil characteristics; micro-sectioning; physiology research; examining of small biological specimens; crystal surfaces; small insects and gems.
  • Glass Products
    Examine pits, bubbles,and other defects...
  • Hobbies
    Toys, stamps, coins, prints, fine art, and more.
  • Instrumentation Work
    Process control; inspection of small instrument parts; accurate reading of instrument dials; construction of precision instruments and instrument repairs.
  • Electrical and Electronics
    For work on small components and printed circuit boards; electronic circuit examination; field inspection of small relays; identifications of pin numbers in small electrical connectors.
  • Assembly and Inspection
    Of small parts and components; inspection of samples, prototypes, shop parts, carbon seal ring sliding surfaces, vacuum seals, small gears, and mechanisms; machine tool dial settings; comparison of finished surfaces of products; flaw detection; maintenance inspection on turbo-jet engine blades.
  • Graphic Arts and Photographers
    Printing inspection; photoengraving controls; blue-prints and type.
  • Paints and Finishes
    Determination of degree of penetration, texture, and thoroughness of coverage.
  • Metals and Metal Products
    Detection of cracks in castings and forgings, checking seams, welds, solder joints, tools, dies, and fine metal products.
  • Law Enforcement
    Fingerprints, surface examination, target shooting, etc.
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